Inspiral Taiji & Qigong abides by the GDPR which means we need to tell you what data we collect from you and what we intend to do with it. In this policy, when referring to us, we or our this means Inspiral Taiji & Qigong at, it’s owner Dave Robinson (the Controller), and 3rd party services (Processors).

Personally Data refers to information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, email address, or phone number. We will collect Personal Data only where we have your consent to do so – typically you will have to contact us or subscribe to get a download and updates; or login. We apply a double-optin policy for all requests to subscribe/join.

At present, the only cookies we use are for the functioning of the website for your convenience. These do not collect personal data for browsing the website. They do collect data which is anonymous so we can determine what people like on our website so we can provide more of it. Downloading information or logging in may allow us to “recognise” you so we can personalise our service to you.

What data do we keep and why do we keep it?
First name and email address.
Only collected if you sin-in or sign-up/subscribe, etc. We use this as a way of contacting you regarding your interest in Updates to the blog, classes/courses, books or other potential recommendations, including offers. For instance, as well as lots of FREE guidance, we shall let you know about our paid classes and 1-1 coaching (so we can give you more support) but also (potentially) things we find that are better than what we have to offer so you can learn from others too. Some of these may have something you can buy, and if so we might get a (generally small) commission. I think that’s fair. If we do recommend or link in any way to another website, we are not responsible for their content or Privacy Policy – please be diligent and take care when following links to other sites.
If you join a class, course, event, retreat or coaching programme run by us, we may ask for and keep more details about you, which shall be made known to you before or during your sign-up for these services.

We will never share, sell or rent your personal data to anyone for any reason.
We may, however, have to give over our records if they are subpoenaed by a court.

You have a right to request to see, have amended or destroyed any data we may keep about you. We will respond to any such request made within 21 days. Generally, every email via our 3rd Party email service has “You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list” links so you can do this without having to email us.
There will be a charge to cover administration costs of £20 (plus postage if outside the UK), if records are needed in paper form.

How will we store your data?
Your data (name and email address) are stored on the secure servers of our email-service provider plus a backup on our computer, which is encrypted and password protected. All communications between our computers and the cloud (internet) is via encrypted SSL (& SFTP) protocols.

How long will we store your data and how will we dispose of it?
As soon as someone Unsubscribes from our mailing list, the email-service shall delete all emails from you and your Personal Data shall be deleted. The backups shall be deleted ASAP after your Unsubscription (within one month via the backup being updated).

If you are not happy with the way we use your data you can, in the first instance, contact us via the Contact Page, or email me, Dave Robinson of Inspiral on or get in touch with me via my UK mobile at 0790 971 52 02

3rd Party Processor – MailChimp
“MailChimp is an online marketing platform (the “Services“) operated by The Rocket Science Group LLC, a company head-quartered in the State of Georgia in the United States… The [Mailchimp] Services enable our Members to, among other things, send and manage email campaigns and serve advertisements.”

See the Mailchimp Privacy Policy HERE

3rd Party Processor – All One Planet Ltd
A UK based company, local to Newcastle, who provides publishing services (incl, website) provides the hosting and software updates, all other 3rd Party accounts, and backups. See their Privacy Policy HERE

Inspiral Taiji & Qigong has no legal team or representation so this Privacy Policy is provided in good faith by us. We are more into integrity than rules, however, if you have any concerns, please get in touch with Dave Robinson via 0790 971 52 02 or the Contact Page